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Experience the serene atmosphere of Kyutei Omuro. Elegant architecture and a beautifully landscaped garden create a secluded space for moments of hushed tranquility. The former residence, built in the early Showa period (1926-1989), is now available for rental as an event space. The property's spaces are capable of hosting artistic performances, social activities, and informative seminars among other events. Whatever your event may be, Kyutei Omuro provides the perfect setting for historic moments to be experienced.

About Kyutei Omuro

Suburban mansion architecture and a Japanese garden where you will encounter timeless beauty.

We are located in Omuro, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto Prefecture. Kyutei Omuro is located right next to Ninna-ji Temple. The house is over 80 years old and is registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan for its well-preserved condition as a suburban mansion of the Showa period (1926-1989). Steeped in history, the residence boasts a sukiya-style house, a carefully maintained Japanese garden, and a single-story wooden tea house, Soan.
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Express your personality upon the backdrop of historic Japan.

The Kyutei Omuro, a former residence, is available as a rental space. The 22-tatami-mat hall overlooking the Japanese garden, a Japanese-style room, a Western-style room, a storehouse, and a tea ceremony room are available for use. The spaces can be used for private exhibitions, rakugo (comic storytelling), concerts, tea ceremony and flower arrangement classes, corporate training, seminars, photo/video shoots, bridal shoots, and other events.
Please note that events are subject to prior screening.
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