question 1

How can the property be used?

The property is used for photo shooting, tea ceremonies, seminars, and events. It is also used for formal dining, family gatherings, and small weddings.

question 2

Can a booking be made on the same day of requested rental?

Unfortunately, we can only accept bookings from at least a week in advance.

question 3

How far in advance can I make a request?

You can make a booking request up to three months in advance.

question 4

Is there a changing room?

Yes, there is one.

question 5

Can I use musical instruments?

Please consult with us when you make a booking. Since the property is located in a residential area, we have a strict policy against generating loud noise.

question 6

Can we smoke in the property?

Please note that smoking is not allowed inside the building. Please use the designated smoking area on the property. Please also refrain from smoking in the residential area nearby.

question 7

Can we put posters on the wall?

We kindly ask you not to stick posters on walls or floors due to the protection of the building. Please consult with us when holding an exhibition.

question 8

Can we use a speaker to play music?

You are welcome to play music with a speaker at a reasonable volume.

question 9

Can we just have a look around.

Yes, it is possible, please enquire by phone or contact form.

question 10

Can the property be used in early in the morning to late at night?

We only allow events to take place between 9:00 and 17:00. Any event out of this opening time will be charged an additional 20%

question 11

Can we use internet?

Yes, we have wifi working through out the building.

question 12

Do you have a parking space?

Yes, you can park up to three cars for no charge.

question 13

How can we rent the property?

Please make an inquiry by phone or contact form.
After that, we will send you an application form which you can send us back via FAX or Email.
We kindly ask all guests to have a look at the property first when renting.

question 14

Payment Methods

We accept prepayment before the hire or on the day.