A Discovery of Traditions

"Nestled within a quiet residential area of Kyoto city lays Kyutei Omuro, where one can be fully immersed in the concept of peace and tranquallity.
Each element; the house, the garden, and the tearoom, flow into each other and engulf visitors in serenity.

To share and pass on the traditions of Japanese Showa period (1926-1989) housing, we have opened up a hireable space of the residence with capacity for a wide rage of events, from conferences to photoshoots.

Imbibed in culture and history, Kyutei Omuro is the perfect stage for a variety of events related to social exchange, information dissemination, and academic study. The space offers value beyond its role as an architectural structure, providing an artistic backdrop for private exhibitions, rakugo (comic storytelling)performances, concerts and Japanese arts like tea ceremony and calligraphy. The residence is not only limited to artistic events, and can also be used for corporate training, seminars, photo and video shoots, and a wide range of other events. Please enjoy holding events at this nationally registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Please note that all events are subject to prior screening.
Not all events can be held at the Former Residence Omuro. For the sake of preservation of the building and its value, please note that all rental events are subject to a screening process.

A cultural hideaway for rent.


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